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Begin with division since its name is more clearly linked to its meaning. As students volunteer various departments, you can I sketch a diagram like the following on the board: A standard pie graph is also visually effective in defining this type of analysis: COLORS OF HAIR Continue by telling the students that classification is a similar form analysis. However, in classification many things are arranged in groups because the items in each group shared certain characteristics.

Since several students had come to the high school as new students, they contributed significantly to the discussion.

Government and Politics Classification Essay Topics

The class eventually decided, with some input from me, to write a somewhat humorous analysis of the different types of social groups or cliques of students. Each of the five students in the class chose to write on a group that he or she belonged to, such as athletes, serious students, flirts, etc.

Although our chosen topic and audience did not dictate a particular order, discussing the order gave them another opportunity to consider audience and choosing the order gave them the another opportunity to make the essay their own. Therefore, I did not do a complete presentation of the characteristics of a good introductory paragraph. Since the semester was fast coming to a close, I decided to let the students vote on the best introduction and we used that to begin the group essay.

During these sessions, I frequently worked one-on-one with students as they worked at their desks.

How can you choose a great classification essay topic?

The first type of female student you can find sitting in the Quad is the Quad Nerd. Her hair will be neatly styled in a bun on top of her head or into a french braid; either of those styles are perfect for storing an extra pencil. Glasses are her only jewelry. She will have a book open on her lap, with a notebook to her side so she can jot down important insights from her reading. On her other side will be a dictionary and calculator for those emergency word searches or computations. Approach the female Quad Nerd with caution!

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Best Classification Essay Topics

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    How to Write a Classification or Division Essay?

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