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Make sure you can give specific examples to demonstrate why you say that as your strength. Further during interview, when confronted with this question, remember the admission officers are looking for a fit. They are forming a picture of you based on your answers.

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Put your energy into your strength statement. Before writing about your assets, judge yourself if you actually consider it as your most powerful strength. Further discussions with friends, peers and family members will help you in finalizing a trait and anecdote. You can focus on any quality that is much blown up in you, let it be personal or professional.

If you proudly admit about a specific talent in you, then it is quite obvious that you have demonstrated this skill of yours in certain situations, or how do you support your answer? Discuss the situations where you have employed your asset to deal with the circumstances and also share what knowledge or experience you gained from it. It is also advisable to share how you developed the quality in you. What are your motivational factors or what has influenced you to transform this quality of yours as your most powerful strength.

Discussing these points will surely serve the purpose and will definitely show your uniqueness to the admissions committee. Hence take this question as an opportunity and furnish the information, expose the surface which admissions committee wants to see. Weakness: Try not to talk about too many weaknesses - one or two will be sufficient.

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Example: In your previous role as a Technical Manager, you did not get much exposure to marketing and branding aspect of business. Therefore, you lag the required skills to market your products. Then you need to discuss how you are planning to develop these skills. You should give evidence of your ability to determine the skills required. Remember to present a genuine weakness, so that you can talk about the strategies you are using to deal with the same. This will let the admission officers know that although you are not perfect, you are working on your shortcomings.

We are confident that, after the trial you will love our services. Any one essay, words, single round reviewing with detailed feedback for improvement, no editing. How to write gobbledygook-free content Weakness 7: Fluff Meaningless words are fluff—they weaken the impact of your writing. Fluffy words are phrases like very, actual, in my opinion, really, just. But also verbs like to make, to provide, and to add. When you scrap meaningless words and focus on powerful phrases , your content becomes more concise and your message becomes clearer.

Like good wine, it engages all senses. The key trick to getting rid of fluff is counter-intuitive: Focus on meaningful words first. Then try to rewrite each sentence with as few weak phrases as possible.

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But readers can sense the rhythm in your writing—just like music can guide your workout rate. Read your copy aloud or use an app to read the content to you and listen to its rhythm—do you speed up and slow down?

Do you have natural pauses? So, remember to stop negative self-talk , and cheer yourself on instead.

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Your writing journey should be fun. Focus on one weakness at a time. Start at the top of this list, and work your way down—tackle the weaknesses one by one. Now check your email to confirm your subscription. Hey Henneke, you are such a great writer. Your articles are very helpful and easy to digest. Every single heading has meaningful insights. You sound like a polite teacher students love to learn from. Hi Henneke, I enjoyed reading your blog on the 8 weaknesses in your writing and how to fix them. I always felt that less was more in writing. You need to get to the point with as few words as possible, as much as possible to eliminate boredom.

I will incorporate these 8 tips to help improve my writing skills. Thank you, David, and yes, I agree—less is more and that can feel like a tricky skill to master. Epic Post. Salute to your idea.. I can see my writing weaknesses vividly now. I try to re-read your every post until I grasp fully.

Why choose our homework help?

Never get bored. While I believe that I suffer from all of these, the hardest for me to identify is whether I am boring my readers or not. I tend to be able to entertain myself in my writing as I mostly write about myself! I like the idea that you can be your own writing teacher. With a little bit of time, hard work and focus we can all take away so much from this wonderfully insightful article. Thank you for sharing your expertise!

This is a really amazing post for every writer out there. Indeed, the points mention are the big reasons for weak writing.

It actually helps me a lot in identifying my style of writing. Thank You, Henneke, for sharing it with us.

INSEAD 1: Writing about Weaknesses

And yes, I liked the graphics with every point. You mentioned a concern about putting too much substance is this article. A small suggestion from Backlinko — in longer articles, a table of contents with clickable links helps both with navigation and understanding the overall structure. Yes, I can see a PDF would be useful. Maybe I should …. Hi great article. I am just starting to write a blog and this sort of information ensures I will not write a boring piece. Thank you. Lovely tips for working around fluff. Fluff is definitely a problem that, unfortunately, muddies much of the work I do.

Keep it up! You make it sound so simple and attainable.

What Are Your Strengths and Weaknesses With Writing? | Writing Prompts for Rookie Writers

Bless you, H. Somehow writing is both simple and hard. Take it easy on your writing journey. Good writing is definitely attainable as long as we learn step by step. Happy writing! Henneke, you continue to be my in situ writing teacher and to run my favourite writing blog! This will definitely help me to do that.

My Strengths and Weaknesses as a Writer in English 099

You made my day, Matthew. Happy writing, and thank you for stopping by. I love this blog! After reading it, I felt like I just had a good wholesome dinner.