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  1. Essay on Gardening by Henk Gerritsen, reviewed by Catharine Howard
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  3. Essay on Gardening (hardcover)
  4. Essay on Gardening by Henk Gerritsen, reviewed by Catharine Howard, Priona | thinkinGardens
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Todd Longstaffe-Gowan. Jane Jacobs. A Pattern Language. Christopher Alexander. Shaping Places. David Adams. Dream Gardens of England: Inspirational Gardens. Barbara Baker. Piers and Other Seaside Architecture. Lynn F. Designs upon the Land. David Blockley. Landscape as a Cabinet of Curiosities. Gunther Vogt. Life Between Buildings. Jahn Gehl. The English Garden.

Hans Von Trotha. Public Places Urban Spaces. Professor Matthew Carmona. The Image of the City. Kevin Lynch. Landscape Architect's Pocket Book.

Siobhan Vernon. Landscape Graphics. Grant W.

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It was a cross-pollination of ideas about naturalistic planting design, art, philosophy, horticulture etc. Even with its focus on plants and new ways to think about gardens, the Dutch Wave was always a people-driven movement. It was a conscious rejection of all that had come before with British-based mixed border planting design. The creative relationship between himself and Oudolf was the genesis of the movement. He might be the greatest plantsman of our time. As the curtain rises around the planet — through the grace of social media, we can plainly see how this movement is inspiring garden makers to explore all kinds of things in their own backyards and beyond.

This movement is about finding the design language, knowledge and imagination to express new visions of the wilder garden. To find the balance between freedom and control. And fortunately for all of us, there are some excellent guides to help show the way. Apart from being a deserved celebration of this style of gardening, your blog is a rather pleasant read as well!


Essay on Gardening by Henk Gerritsen, reviewed by Catharine Howard

Enjoyed your post. I love this style of gardening because it is all about the plants.

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Much appreciated Lorraine. Yes, it surely starts with a love of plants.

Plant Resources

Mono is a very beautiful place to have a garden. It is at the end of its second summer, and I love, love, love it. And so do others. It is featuring in the March New Zealand Gardener our top gardening magazine This sort of gardening is unknown here in the southern hemisphere, so it has created lots of interest. Hi Robyn, Thanks for checking in from New Zealand. Thank you for reminding us of what is around the corner.

Essay on Gardening (hardcover)

Although from the weather and snow we still have here in Montreal I am wondering if Spring will ever come! I agree with this style of gardening and approach. If more people would approach gardening in the poetic way you describe, perhaps we would all be a little less intimidated about gardening and a little more appreciative of the natural beauty that is right in front of us… we just might notice the beauty in life, in death, in colour or absence of colour, in calm, and with buzzing noise.

We just might all pick up the trowel and toll away for the good of ourselves and Nature. Hello Amanda, Glad to hear my words struck a chord through the last vestiges of snow.

Essay on Gardening by Henk Gerritsen, reviewed by Catharine Howard, Priona | thinkinGardens

Encouraging for those of us who do not have a lot of expertise. This was also a very pleasant read. I look forward to reading more of these. Best to you, Lynette.

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I was calling my look a cottage garden style, but perhaps new perennial movement is more apt! If you had to pick one book within the new perennial movement to recommend, which would it be? I am trying to figure out where I should start my reading, given my Northern location.