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A Red Sox blog with humor and news

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Performance Enhancing Drugs. . Performance-Enhancing Drugs

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Persuasive Speech on Anabolic Steroids 1-10-15

For instance, an effective approach is to interview family members separately, to identify the patient, and then siblings. It is highly recommended that parents express their opinions and emotions freely when children do not participate in the psychoanalytical session. Children should also express their feelings freely without a fear that their parents may punish them.

Consequently, parents and children will be ready to accept family therapy and show willingness to discuss their problems. At this stage, it is vital to establish credibility and belief in the effectiveness of the family therapy. Moreover, another good example of treatment of depression is the application of medication that is determined as a helpful method Docherty 3.

In the application of medication, it is necessary to control the dose of drugs, taking into consideration the structure of the body and weight. Additionally, the behavioural approach analyzes the direct behaviour of athlete, explores their cultural and social experience, and determines main reasons that have led to depression. Furthermore, it is evident that a new stage of imperialism, known as globalization leads not only to the global democracy, the development of education, a rapid transfer of information, professional medical care and the exchange of experience, but also to the uncontrollable changes in mass communication, transportation, and development in computer technologies.

Stiglitz 17 illustrates the above mentioned information by the notion of total changes of social landscape of the world. People have more possibilities to buy what they want and use it how they want. Thus, the access to the banned substances is almost unlimited. A person needs only money. Undoubtedly, rapid development of technologies, cross-border relationship and immigration significantly influenced the beginning of the new era, known as a new qualitatively economic development.

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Free access to what humans want can be clarified by Thomas Friedman, NY Times journalist and Pulitzer Prize winning author, who mentioned that today globalization is cheaper, deeper, farther and faster Stiglitz Consequently, modern changes have deteriorated all spheres of human life. The process of controlling globalization has been always in the centre of heated debates. The elite officials of countries and their opponents point out that the process of globalization is absolutely unpredictable and uncontrollable. Teenagers and adults are uncontrollable; moreover, they have become addicted of this free excess.

In this case, modern legislative system should apply various laws in order to solve this controversial issue. This notion can be amplified by the fact that western directions to freedom and privacy are totally misunderstood in the modern governmental systems. In this case, an athlete can freely use performance-enhancing drugs, with the full understanding of the possible results. However, the testing should be applied in case when there is a strong possibility to harm people and oneself. Moreover, every athlete has a choice to use or not these enhancing drugs.

Most of real athletes understand the consequences of this using; however, the desire to win and be the first is more vital. In this case, it is highly advisable to use adequate treatment. Furthermore, it is highly advisable to introduce interactive lessons relating negative effects of doping. In this case, professors should not accentuate the attention to the lecture type of lesson, it should be question-answer lesson with numerous examples, illustration of not only side effects, but also fatal ending.

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All in all, the ongoing issue relating doping in sports should be solved by applying various methods, including effective government cooperation, medical support, various psychological approaches, and family understanding. Moreover, the national testing agencies should not only exclude the athlete who used the banned substances, but they should also use more strict measures, such as disqualification for long span of time.

Consequently, the global changes should be taken only from the positive sides, such as advertising of healthy lifestyle and promotion of sports as a pivotal part of human being. Docherty, James. British Journal of Pharmacology 3 : —22, Hoberman, John, and Yesalis, Charles. The History of Synthetic Testosterone.

Scientific American , , Simon, Hart. The Telegraph.

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Type of your assignment. Others are weaker. They just refresh an athlete making him recovered and spirited.

Doping in Sports

Common steroids shorten recovery time and make athletes get jacked. It means that a sportsman is able to perform faster, better and higher. He is able to run 90 minutes without being tired.